Quick Guide To Historical Reenacters For Shopkeepers

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Though America is a forward-looking nation, its people still respect the past. Reenactors are a fast-growing group who try to relive some of the important moments in military history. An owner of a military surplus store will eventually come in contact with a reenactor at some point. As such, knowing the general types of reenactors can help facilitate a smoother service experience.

Read on to learn more about the kinds of people who spend their free time recreating the military past.  

1. Farbs

These historical actors visit surplus stores looking for the most inexpensive items available. Usually, they will take whatever the supplier has in stock to approximate the apparel worn by soldiers and sailors in the past.

Farbs are the easiest reenactors to please because their standards are relatively low. Many possess a general knowledge of the chosen era and only seek to dress up occasionally to have fun.  

2. Mainstream Reenactors

Most reenactors fall into this category. Store owners can recognize them by their attention to detail. Mainstreamers try to create as authentic an historical experience as possible. They are willing to spend whatever necessary to ensure that they have the correct material, design and weaponry associated with their historical period.

Nevertheless, mainstreamers do not go overboard. If it is not possible to find what they need, mainstreamers then improvise with anachronistic gear. Also, in moments when not recreating actual battles or in sight of the audience, these actors will often fall out of character.

Thus, the mainstream movement in general face a conflict between modern life and respect for the past. It is one responsibility of the military surplus industry to help bridge this gap by providing these history aficionados with as much help as needed acquiring authentic supplies.

3. Hard Core Reenactors

Military surplus stores find hard-core enthusiasts both intriguing and challenging.

Hard cores are professional reenactors. They research every detail of the chosen time period to ensure authenticity in speech, dress and action. No stone remains unturned. An audience at an event staged by hard-core reenactors can rest assured that they are witnessing things exactly as would have occurred.

Nevertheless, any store owner should be aware that pleasing members of this group can be difficult. Locating the items needed to recreate battles from long ago is no simple task. The refusal of these reenactors to sacrifice on any detail means suppliers may have to spend an inordinate amount of time trying to secure scarce items.

In the Surplus Store

A quality military surplus store is a usual first stop for reenactors. These history buffs expect the staff to either know the answer to questions or know someone who will.