Dealing With Predators, Pests, And Problems On The Golf Course

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Many find the golf course to be the best place to relax and unwind; however there are a few situations that could jeopardize your pleasant day on the greens. Since you never know who or what you may encounter when you are golfing, preparing for some unexpected pests or pesky problems is a wise strategy.


Maybe it is a less frequent occurrence, but anyone that has seen Hitchcock's The Birds knows that a bird attack is a possibility. If you are on the golf course and suddenly notice birds hovering and making a clacking sound, they are preparing to attack. They will attack your head and shoulders first, diving and hitting with their wings and pecking you with their beaks.

If you are under attack from birds, run for cover and keep these tips in mind:


One sure way to ruin a good day of golf is a swarm of angry bees. If you happen upon a hive or accidentally disturb a swarm of bees, you need to respond quickly to avoid getting stung.

Try these tactics to avoid stings:

Rabid animals

If you encounter an animal that appears to be frothing at the mouth or that displays a locked-jaw, they might be rabid. It is most common to find raccoons, skunks, and bats that carry rabies, as well as foxes, groundhogs, and coyotes. It is less common to find rabies in mice, squirrels, chipmunks, rabbits, and rats.

Sore losers

Some problems that occur on the course might be caused by other players. Angry golfers or sore losers might become enraged during a game or after a shot, and could require intervention before someone gets hurt.

If you encounter an out-of-control golfer on the green, keep the following in mind:

Don't let an angry bird, swarm of bees, or drunk player ruin your good time and golf game. Prepare yourself for some of these unanticipated, infrequent situations and you will remain calm, cool, and collected during your game, regardless of who – or what – shows up! Contact someone like Sterling Golf Services to set up your next game today.