How To Safely Store Recreational Guns In The House

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Recreational guns and rifles can be kept in your home safely, as long as you take some precautionary measures to protect your family. Here are some tips on how to avoid an incident with your recreational guns.

Keep them Concealed

While some people like to keep their expensive rifles and guns in a display case, this can be a poor choice for many reasons. This makes it easier for visitors and intruders to gain access to your guns in case of a confrontation. And in case you ever need to use the guns for protection, you might be better served by keeping them out of reach of someone who might want to hurt you. Instead, keep them in a concealed location, such as a closet. If you do keep them in an open area, conceal them in a wood or other enclosed case where people can't see the contents.

Change Locks Frequently

Changing your locks is key to preventing unauthorized access. It's a good idea to change the combination at least once a year, or to switch out the locking system if you have a manual lock on your gun case.

Protect From Fires

House fires can cause a few problems for your guns; for instance, they can burn through the shells and ignite gunpowder. You can prevent this by choosing fireproof gun safes to protect your recreational guns. A metal gun safe will often indicate how many minutes it will resist fire in case of a house emergency. To check out gun safes, contact a company like Rocky Mountain Shooters Supply.

Teach Children About Gun Safety

If you have children in the same house as your recreational guns, it's a good idea to teach them about gun safety rather than simply hiding the guns from them. Children are curious, and they may find your gun hiding spot one day while you're not home. Teach them what the guns do and that they should never open the gun safe or play with the guns. Conveying the severity of gun safety to young children can be difficult, but if you need help, there are many educational videos that present the topic in a serious way without being traumatizing.

Since there are many potential hazards for keeping guns in your home, it's important to take each of these measures to make sure that your guns aren't damaged or used for the wrong reasons. With the right safety measures, keeping recreational guns in your home can be much less hazardous.