Golf: The Healthy Sport

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Golf is one of the most popular sports in the U.S. with 26.02 million people playing per year according to spring 2015 stats. Millions of people love the thrill of the game, but players also enjoy other benefits. Golf offers you significant health and social benefits. 

Physical Benefits

Playing golf just once a week requires you to walk four to eight miles. As long as you carry your clubs, you will also work up a sweat, get cardiovascular exercise, and burn about 1,000 calories. Even practicing on the driving range can burn 200 calories per hour. Playing golf also improves your muscle tone and endurance. You can lose body fat and lose pounds. You do need to remember that using a golf cart, even if it is just to carry your clubs, diminishes the exercise value of playing golf. 

Mental Benefits

Golf also helps you to stay mentally sharp. It increases blood flow to your brain and helps delay cognitive disorders like dementia. The sport also requires that you keep score, plan strategies, and improve hand-eye coordination. As a bonus, being good at a sport can improve your self-esteem.  

Social/Business Benefits

Golf allows you many opportunities to socialize with other enthusiasts while enjoying healthy recreation. It is a challenging and yet relaxing hobby. Once you learn how to play golf, you can play it for nearly a lifetime. 

Golf is an effective business tool as well. Rather than simply taking your clients out to dinner, you can take them to the golf course. That way you can relax together while engaging in friendly competition. Your demeanor on the course can help convince people that you are mature, calm, and professional. You and your potential client can get a sense of whether you can work effectively together. At the very least, you will have an enjoyable afternoon engaged in one of your favorite activities. 

Even though you play golf, you may not recognize what a beneficial sport it is. While you are having a wonderful time on the links, you are getting some excellent cardiovascular exercise. When you get your blood pumping, you are also helping yourself mentally. Playing regularly can help you maintain your mental acuity. You have to stay sharp to strategize and keep score. You also get opportunities to socialize as well as make business connections. Golf is the total package. Spending time on a course (such as Chaska Town Course) is a productive and enjoyable way to spend your time.