3 Must-Do Maui Activities

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There is a good reason that Maui is one of the premier vacation destinations in the world -- its beautiful beaches and warm ocean waters, gorgeous tropical foliage, and multitude of activities and dining choices make it a true paradise. Many people from North America choose to visit Maui during the winter months in order to get out of the cold weather at home. If you're visiting Maui this winter, don't miss out on these must-do activities:

Whale Watching

The warm waters around Hawaii are the perfect environment for Pacific humpback whales to give birth, and every year thousands of Whales migrate from Alaska to Maui. Whale season typically begins in December, with the majority of the whales leaving by April. While it is possible to spot whales from land, one of the best ways to see these majestic creatures is  booking a whale watching tour on one of the boats that leave from the different harbors on the island. Many of these tours offer beverages and some snacks as well as commentary by staff who are experienced and knowledgeable whale watchers. A whale-watching excursion is a wonderful activity for all ages. If you don't feel like the tropics, companies like Orca Enterprises LLC even offer these services in Alaska!

Sunrise on Haleakala 

Haleakala is a dormant volcano on Maui, and at an elevation of 10,023 feet, it is the highest point on the island. Thousands of tourists flock to the summit of Haleakala each month to experience the amazing sunrise from the top of the volcano. Due to the elevation it is quite cold at the summit, especially during the winter, so be prepared to bring warm clothing if you want to enjoy this activity. You will need to get to the top of Haleakala before dawn, so it is a good idea to do this excursion early in your trip while you're still adjusting to the time change.

Snorkel Tour

Maui is surrounded by beautiful reefs teeming with oceanic life, and a snorkel tour is a great way to discover this underwater world. During a snorkel tour you will take a boat to several different snorkeling spots where you can enjoy seeing tropical fish, beautiful fish, and sea turtles if you are lucky. Full-day snorkel tours typically serve beverages and a lunch on board the boat. Waters can occasionally be rough while traveling by boat, so if you are prone to motion sickness it is a good idea to take medication in advance of your tour.