No Worms, No Problem: Clever Alternatives For Fishing Bait

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If you want to go fishing but you don't have any worms, don't dismay. There are many excellent alternatives to conventional bait that will be effective and alluring when trying to catch fish. Consider packing some of the following in your cooler, and save some worms!

Some effective alternatives to conventional bait are:

Turkey or chicken livers. Raw turkey or chicken livers are found at most grocery stores and are usually quite cheap. These are particularly effective at attracting catfish.

Corn kernels. Got a can of corn in the pantry? Thread kernels of corn on your hook to attract small-mouthed fish such as bass.

Corn flakes. Don't throw out a stale box of cereal; instead, use water to create cereal balls. Crumble a pinch of flakes in your fingers and add a couple drops of water to make soft balls that can be easily threaded onto your hook.

Bird-seed balls. Fish in both fresh and salt water like birdseed balls; to make this clever alternative to bait, spread two slices of bread with peanut butter. Sprinkle birdseed generously on one piece of the bread, and place the two slices together. Squish pieces in your fingers to make birdseed balls, which you can put on your hook instead of bait.

Pet food. Dry dog or cat food pellets also make good alternatives to bait when fishing in freshwater. It holds together well in the water and may be effective when fishing in deep water or the ocean. If fishing in shallow bodies of water, you may try using cat kibbles, which are smaller.

Kitchen scraps. The truth is, a lot of kitchen scraps will work fine as a substitute for bait. The smellier the scraps, the more effective it will be as bait to catch fish. Consider keeping a container in the fridge for scraps to use when you go fishing, such as leftover hot dogs, cheese, bacon, pastries, or bread.

A wad of gum. Another old fishing trick is to use a wad of chewed gum for bait. This is most effective when the gum still has a lot of flavor and is quite aromatic, as fish will smell and be attracted to it.

Don't let a lack of worms keep you from casting a line or two. Whether you are fishing in fresh or salt water, try substituting your regular bait for some of these unexpected alternatives. Clean out your pantry and catch something for dinner; it is a real win-win situation!

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