Want To Try Yoga But Skeptical? Don't Let Misconceptions Deter You

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While millions of Americans practice yoga, it is sometimes viewed as too difficult or too hard by those who have misconceptions about the physical activity. However, yoga provides numerous health benefits for those who do not exercise regularly and need to improve their overall well-being. If you are looking for a low-impact activity to help you become healthier, yoga is an excellent type of exercise. Do not pay attention to naysayers who utter misconceptions like those listed below about yoga.

Yoga Is Only for the Physically Fit and Thin

People of all shapes and sizes participate in yoga classes. You do not need to be in good shape and have a thin body to participate and benefit from yoga classes.

Many plus-size people enjoy yoga and use it to become more mobile and physically fit. In fact, popular yoga instructor, Jessamyn Stanley, a self-proclaimed "fat femme," has developed a following on Instagram because of the amazing pictures she posts of herself performing all types of yoga poses.

Yoga will also help to decrease your stress and anxiety levels as well as improve your balance and muscle tone. Furthermore, regular yoga classes can be a great supplement to a weight loss regimen.

You Must Be Flexible in Order to Perform Yoga

Even people who are in good shape may be intimidated by yoga because they do not think they are flexible enough to perform yoga poses. But going to a yoga class on a regular basis can help to build and increase your flexibility. Yoga instructors teach beginners simple poses that do not require students to maneuver your body into difficult positions. Over time you will develop enough flexibility for more intricate poses.

Yoga is Expensive and Takes Up Too Much Time

If you are worried about how much you think regular yoga classes cost, think of the funds you spend each week eating out and on impulse purchases. The money you spend on unnecessary items can go towards a yoga class once or twice a week. Over a month, the funds for unnecessary purchases may even be less than a gym membership fee.

Many yoga studios offer specials for newcomers. Take advantage of the introductory offers to get a steep discount on your first weeks of yoga classes. Some yoga studios also offer a discount if you purchase a block of classes at a time.

If you think you do not have the time to spare for yoga, think of how many hours you would spend on any other physical activity. Compare a 40-minute yoga class a few times a week to navigating a crowded gym full of sweaty people every other day.