Tips For Selecting A Quality Used Recreational Vehicle

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If you are looking to purchase a used recreational vehicle to drive when you go south this winter in search of a warmer climate, then there are many things you should be looking for while evaluating different RVs. Buying a high-quality, used RV is similar in some ways to purchasing a car, but it is different in other ways. To this end, here are some tips to help you find just the right RV for your winter trip south:

Tip: Decide If You Want a Class A or Class B RV Before You Go Shopping

There are two main classifications for RVs on the road today. The first classification is Class A RVs, which are larger in size than Class B RVs. Class A recreational vehicles require a special driver's license to operate, use more gas and are bigger, so it is harder to find places to park them. Class B RVs are smaller, can be driven with a standard driver's license, and can be parked in regular parking spots.

It is important that you know which classification of RV you will be purchasing before you go shopping. The last thing you want to do is to make an impulsive purchase of the wrong class of vehicle and find that you are unable to drive it or vacation where you choose.  

Tip: Talk with Other RV Owners Prior to Shopping

Before you go shopping for your new recreational vehicle, first take the time to speak with people who own the models you are interested in. If you do not know anyone with a similar vehicle, then you should do a quick search online and find an RV forum. Participating in the forum will very likely be people who own the exact models of vehicle that you are interested in. Ask them what they like and dislike about their RVs and for their recommendations. Most people will openly share with you, and after a while, you will have enough opinions to help with your decision. 

Tip: Always Purchase a Vehicle History Report on Potential RVs Before You Make a Purchase

Finally, just as you can purchase a vehicle history report for a passenger vehicle, so too can you purchase one for a recreational vehicle. The vehicle history report can be purchased online for a small fee, and it will tell you if the vehicle has ever had any accidents or major repairs that you should know about.

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