Must Have Accessories To Help You Enjoy Your Center Console Boat

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If you own a center console boat, but it has not been outfitted with many custom accessories, then it's time to change that. There are lots of ways you can improve your boating experience. There are accessories that can enhance your boats security, improve your fishing experience, and also transform a normal boat into a party spot. Here's some things to consider.

A Secure Dock Box

The first accessory to think about is one that doesn't even go on your boat. It's one that will sit dockside and house the important gear that you don't want to leave out on the boat. Having a quality, secure dock box allows you to store lots of stuff right near the boat so you don't have to constantly load up your truck every time you head to the marina. Chose one that is made of thick fiberglass, and has a loop for a large steel lock. A word of caution for new boat owners: don't drill the box into the marinas dock without checking with the manager. While many people secure their dock box using lag bolts, some marinas have special rules about drilling into their property.

Anodized Aluminum Rod Holder

If you're an avid fisherman, then you really should have ample rod holders installed on your boat. This way you can leave your fishing rod in place while you're moving about the boat. You want multiple rod holders so that you don't run out when you have invited friends out for a fishing trip. When you are choosing the rod holders, look for ones that have been anodized. This will help protect the aluminum from corrosion.

Colorful LED Lights

Colorful lights add lots of ambience to the boat. This is great if you're taking it out at night with friends and want a cool vibe, instead of the harsh white lights that many boats have. You can get hull or transom LED lights that can switch from neon blues and greens, to pinks and reds. You can choose to illuminate the water via a hull light, or run accent lights along the deck interior.

Telescoping Ladder

Finally, don't forget the ladder. If you plan on going swimming, then you need a nice ladder. However, you might not normally go swimming if your primary reason for getting a center console boat is to fish, so you don't want a large ladder that will take up too much space. So, a great solution would be to just get a telescoping ladder that can be removed when you are done for the day and stored in your dock box.

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