Three Ways To Prepare Fish To Keep It Healthy

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Fish is one of the healthier protein sources that you can find at the supermarket. Loaded with healthy fats, this is a type of protein that you should ideally be incorporating into your diet if you wish to improve your nutrition. Unfortunately, some people essentially ruin the health value of fish by preparing it in an unhealthy manner — deep-fried fish, for example, might be delicious, but the layer of breading and the manner in which the fish is coated in oil can quickly make this healthy food into an unhealthy one. If you're committed to adding fish to your nutrition plan, here are three ways to prepare it to keep it healthy.


When you think about poached fish, you might wrinkle your nose at the idea of fish cooked in water, under the assumption that it would lack flavor. Fortunately, the manner in which you poach an egg and poach your fish isn't the same. Many people enjoy poaching their fish in a homemade broth that includes lemon juice, wine, fresh herbs, and more. You can prepare this broth with a variety of ingredients that you may already have at home, get it up to temperature, and then drop some pieces of white fish in. You'll be pleased with the taste of the fish, and even more pleased that you're eating nutritiously.

On A Cedar Plank

If you have a barbecue, cooking your fish on a cedar plank is another healthy way to prepare it. You can buy cedar planks at lots of supermarkets, or you can even buy a small package of untreated cedar shingles at a home improvement store if you plan to use this cooking method frequently. Salmon works well on a cedar plank; the smoke from the plank is strong, but the powerful flavor of the salmon doesn't allow the smoke to overpower it. Always remember to soak your planks in water in advance of using them, as they'll last longer.


Broiled fish is another effective way to cook this protein in a healthy, nutritious manner. Under the broiler on a broiling rack, your fish won't be sitting in the vegetable oil or butter that you might commonly use to cook it. You can broil the fish plain and then add some healthy toppings such as freshly cut dill, or cover it in some thin slices of lemon to allow this acidic flavor to permeate the fish's flesh.