3 Types Of Marijuana Dispensaries: Know The Differences And Laws Before You Open One

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Marijuana has always come under fire ever since it was made illegal over eighty years ago. Now, more and more states are making marijuana legal, but with various restrictions. If marijuana is about to become legal in your state, and you are thinking about getting ahead of the start of the sales, you need to know more about the three types of dispensaries you can open, and the laws that govern which type is legal (or about to be legal) in your state.

1. Medical Marijuana Dispensary

A medical marijuana dispensary only sells small bags of marijuana to consumers who are carrying a medical marijuana card. Consumers must get these cards from their doctors and have a legally accepted reason for using marijuana to get the cards. Anyone without a card can browse the dispensary, but only those carrying a card issued by a licensed and practicing physician, dentist, or psychiatrist may purchase small quantities of marijuana. If your state has only made marijuana accessible to people with certain health conditions, this is the only kind of dispensary you can own and operate in your state.

2. Recreational Dispensary

States that have made it legal for everyone above the age of eighteen (or twenty-one; it depends on the state) to purchase marijuana for recreational use have also made it legal for people to open recreational marijuana dispensaries. If your state will or does allow recreational marijuana purchases and usage, then you can open this kind of dispensary. There are still some rules to follow, such as not shipping or sending marijuana out of state to another location that has not made it legal. You also cannot advertise or sell online. 

3. Combo Dispensaries

The third and final type of dispensary is one where both medical and recreational marijuana are sold. This applies to any state where all marijuana use has been made legal. One such example is California, which was ahead of its time in making all uses of this drug perfectly acceptable. If your state opts to make all use of marijuana legal, then you can open a combo dispensary. The biggest differences, of course, are that people who use it medicinally may or may not still be required to use and show their cards when making a purchase. If they use medicinally, then they need to have their cards on their persons at all times. Very limited, one-time purchases are allowed for those who use it recreationally. 

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