Do's And Don'Ts For Not Feeling High After Taking Cannabis Recreationally

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While it also has a lot of health benefits, many people enjoy consuming cannabis in a variety of forms on a recreational basis, either alone or with friends. If you're relatively new to recreational cannabis use, there's a possibility that you may consume some cannabis and not feel high as a result. This substance affects different people in different ways, so here are some do's and don'ts for not feeling high.

Do: Give It Some Time

One thing that you may not yet know is that cannabis hits people at different times. One user could feel extremely high almost immediately after a short amount of consumption, while another user might not feel the effects until sometime after he or she has finished using the cannabis. If you're wondering why you don't feel high soon after partaking, the simple thing to remember is to give it some time — it's probable that you'll feel differently soon.

Don't: Consider It A Waste

There's little value in getting upset if you don't feel high after consuming cannabis. Remember, this is a substance that is affecting your body in a variety of ways. For example, even if you don't necessarily feel high, you may feel more relaxed — and that can help you to sleep better that night. You may also notice a reduction in the pain that is present in your body, which is another thing to appreciate even if you don't feel high.

Do: Try Another Strain

One nice thing about getting involved in recreational cannabis use is that there's no shortage of products that you can try. If you've had a subpar reaction to one particular strain, the simple solution is to try a different strain. Doing so can affect your body differently. You'll want to explain your situation to a sales representative at a local recreational dispensary, as he or she will be able to recommend a suitable strain for you.

Don't: Turn To A Different Substance

You should try to avoid feeling discouraged if you don't experience a cannabis-related high as being discouraged can prompt you to make decisions that you later regret. For example, you might decide to consume alcohol to alter yourself, but there are obviously serious consequences of drinking excessively. Turning to a different substance is generally a poor idea, so your best bet is to always move forward with another strain of cannabis that may affect your body differently.