Tips To Help You Design Your Outdoor Kitchen

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Do you love getting friends and family together for great food and good times? Do you struggle to find the space for everyone around your home? If entertaining is something that you enjoy, it might be time to consider adding an outdoor kitchen to your property. Here, you'll find a few tips to help you with the planning process of your outdoor kitchen addition.


Before you get yourself too excited about adding an outdoor kitchen, you'll need to find out if you'll be required to pay for any building permits. In some areas, building permits are required for all building projects, but others will not require a permit. Talk with your local officials or HOA to find out if there are restrictions or permits needed before you proceed.


Where you'll build the outdoor kitchen depends greatly on your own preferences. Do you want it away from the house to enjoy a better view or to limit the noise that's heard inside the house? Do you want it close to the house so that you'll be able to entertain both inside and outside of the house at the same time?

One thing to keep in mind as you choose the location is how far you'll want or be able to carry the supplies. The further the outdoor kitchen is from the house, the further you'll have to haul the food that you'll cook and the drinks that need iced.

Tip: If you love the idea of having the outdoor kitchen away from the house, you can pick up a utility wagon to use to carry your supplies to and from the outdoor kitchen.


The size of the actual kitchen area is up to you—do you want it to be large enough to allow for lots of people to help you prepare the food and drinks, or would you prefer to keep the kitchen space small so that you have more room for tables and seating?

Think about your cooking habits—do you require lots of counter space? Do you run out of burners when you're creating big meals? Think about what you'll actually need in the outdoor kitchen, then you can decide how large of a kitchen you'll need.

Talk with the outdoor kitchen professionals near you. They'll help you find the appliances and features that'll provide you with everything you need to entertain your closest friends and family all summer long.