Family Friendly Sports Activities: Lawn And Porch Games

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If you're looking for family-friendly activities this summer, you might have everything you need to host a family Olympics in your backyard or on the back porch. Here are some family-friendly activities you can play this summer to bring the Olympic experience home. 

Bucket Games

A 5-gallon bucket and few golf balls, softballs, baseballs, and/or tennis balls can provide endless family-friendly activities for your family Olympic Games. 

Bucket Toss

An easy way to kick off your backyard Olympic Games is with a bucket toss. To play this game, place a bucket in an open space in your backyard. Next, hand out a tennis ball, golf ball, baseball, or softball to each participant. To make the game more sporting for younger children, using larger, softer balls can make tossing easier. Once everyone has chosen a ball, they should form a circle around the bucket. The rules of the game are simple, toss the ball in the bucket, take one step back after each successful throw, and keep going until the last participant misses a toss. Although this game might seem simplistic, you can modify it to make it easier for younger children, which can make your family Olympic Games engaging and challenging for the entire group.

Bucket Bounce

Similar to the bucket toss, the bucket bounce game requires participants to bounce a golf ball and/or tennis ball into a bucket. Unlike the bucket toss game, this is easy to play in a team format. Begin the game by breaking your group into evenly divided teams. Next, place your bucket in an open space on an even, hard, surface.  After securing your bucket, give each member of your team a golf ball and/or tennis ball. Participants should take a few steps back from the bucket. The rules of the game are as follows, participants are awarded a point for successfully bouncing their ball into the bucket. Additionally, they will receive an additional point for every bounce of their throw. The first team to reach twenty points wins, but if a team exceeds twenty points, their score will reset to zero. 

Backyard Relays

Another family friend activity to add to your family Olympic Games involves relay competitions. These relays should be fun and account for the physical abilities of everyone in your group.

Leapfrog Relays

One way to even the playing field for small children is to use leapfrog games. Begin by dividing your group into even numbers, making sure that each team has a small child. Next, have each group divide in half again. Once your teams are even, have your leapfrog relay start until only two teams remain.  

If you're looking for other family summer activities, reach out to recreation centers in your area.