Why You Should Rent A Two-Person Paddleboard

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When you want to go paddleboarding with your family as a way to get out of the house and enjoy some exercise and fresh air, it's a good idea to choose a rental company that carries a wide selection of different paddleboards. On this list, you'll often see two-person paddleboards in addition to the usual variety of boards that are designed for solo use. Two-person paddleboards can vary in design from model to model, but they're often a little longer and wider than a conventional board, and they also have a larger weight capacity. Here are some reasons to rent a two-person paddleboard.

Easier With Kids

If you have children, renting a two-person paddleboard will make your outing on the water easier and more enjoyable. A child who is old enough to rent a solo paddleboard but who has no experience with paddling may not enjoy the experience nearly as much as sharing a board with you. You'll be able to provide guidance and encouragement to help your child, as well as do the bulk of the paddling when they need a break. If your child wants to swim at some point during the outing, you can simply remain with the paddleboard so that they can easily return to it when ready.

More Space For Gear

While it makes sense to rent a two-person paddleboard if you're going out onto the water with someone else, there can be advantages to this size of board for use on your own, too. If you have a lot of gear that you're taking with you, the increased size of a two-person board will provide you with more room to carry this gear. For example, if your family is planning to paddle to a location where you'll meet up with some friends for a picnic, you might have a cooler, a folding chair, and some other gear that you want to take with you. These items will fit easily on a two-person board, while still allowing you to move around. In this scenario, your partner could rent a two-person paddleboard to share with your child, while you could rent the same type of board to carry your gear.

Potentially More Affordable

It's worthwhile to compare the price of renting a two-person paddleboard against the price of renting a pair of solo boards. While the price of these rentals can vary from company to company, you may find that choosing a two-person board will cost you less than choosing a pair of solo boards. If you're keen on keeping your outing on the water to a specific budget, the two-person route may be a better option for you

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