Determining if You Need Ccw Training and Where to Find Courses

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Carrying a concealed firearm often requires the gun owner to obtain a CCW (carry a concealed weapon) permit through the state where they live. The requirements are not the same in every state or jurisdiction, though, so you will need first to determine if you need the permit and, if you do, how to obtain one.

CCW Permit Requirements

When you start to look at the requirements in your state for carrying concealed, you need to get your information from a reputable source like the state or local police that issue the permits. In some states, you can apply without any classes. In other areas, a CCW training course is required, and you must pass it successfully before you are considered for a permit. 

Often the training programs are short enough that you can complete one in a weekend or two, and most have good information that even advanced shooters can use. CCW training is often not focused on shooting, but more on the law surrounding carrying your firearm, when to consider using it, and what you can expect if you are involved in a shooting or incident where you drew your gun for protection.

Each state sets the requirements for these CCW training programs, and some states don't require the training at all. If your state does not require you to attend a class, but there are private classes offered in your area, it is still a good idea to take one on your own to be sure you understand the legal issues around using a gun in public or on another person.

Finding CCW Courses

If you are looking for a CCW training course in your area, an excellent place to start is with an online search. Often searching for these classes will turn up instructors near you and a schedule of when courses are offered. You can often connect with the instructor and register for the training through their website to streamline the process. 

You may also want to check with the local police to see if they have a list of instructors in the area, and the state police may have a more extensive list that encompasses trainers all over the state. Some gun shops offer CCW training on the weekends too, so check with the shop in your area to see if they have classes or know of any. 

Most states have specific requirements that the instructor must teach in the class, so finding one approved by the state you live in is essential. At the end of the training, you will receive a certificate to prove you passed the class, but the state may not take it if the instructor is not approved to certify students. If you are unsure, ask the instructor if they are state-approved before registering for the training program. 

For more information about CCW classes, find an instructor near you.