Going Hunting? What To Consider In A Waterfowl Hunting Shirt

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When hunting waterfowl, you need the right waterfowl hunting shirt. This type of hunting attire will help make your hunting experience even better and allow you to be more comfortable during your hunting trip.

If you want to get the most out of your next hunting trip, use this guide to know what hunting shirt to buy. Your sportsman clothing specialist will further help you pick the pieces best for your hunting collection.

Breathing ability

When choosing a waterfowl hunting shirt, you have to look at the material a shirt is made out of. A shirt that can breathe well will be one that is comfortable and can keep you drier when hunting in water or in humid conditions. A solid cotton shirt might take a long time to dry but will be very breathable to wear. Look for a cotton blend so you can have a shirt that will both dry well and be comfortable.

Sun protection

A long hunting trip on the water will require you to have a waterfowl hunting shirt with UV protection because the water will reflect the sun's rays constantly. This, on top of the sun's rays beating down on your clothing, will cause you to be very exposed to the sun's harmful UV rays. Wearing sunscreen is also beneficial, as is making sure you wear a hunting shirt that will protect you against the sun's rays.


A waterfowl hunting shirt should be loose enough to layer with, but not so loose that it chafes or rubs on your skin. Make sure your waterfowl hunting shirt allows you to move around freely without feeling like it's rubbing on your skin. To help cut down on friction, wear a thin cotton t-shirt or tank under your hunting shirt.


Your waterfowl hunting shirt should match the environment you'll be in. Buy a waterfowl hunting shirt in several patterns and colors so you have a great shirt that will blend in well in the grass and reeds. You may have to buy several shirts to match the areas and seasons you'll be hunting in so you can be as hidden as possible when looking for waterfowl.

You can use this guide to buy a great waterfowl hunting shirt as well as other clothing, such as hunting pants or boots. You should try on all hunting shirts you're considering before buying them so you know they will fit well. Buy multiple shirts in the same style so you can change them out when you get wet or dirty while hunting with ease.

For more information about hunting shirts, reach out to a local supplier.